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Fuzzy filters

Noise reduction in images is one of the common tasks in image processing. I present several fuzzy filters using fuzzy logic concept. There are several symmetrical and asymmetrical triangular membership functions with both median and moving average centre used for filtering impulse and random noise. On the left is the image with random noise. In […]

Selected median filters

Image filtering is often applied as a post–process to an image in order to reduce noise. The usage of smoothing filters such as median may reduce noise. Unfortunately, these filters, apart from noise reduction, also introduce some distortions. I present the usage of a few median type filters. Here, I present a view from my […]


Noise may appear in an image in many ways: during image capture, transmission, storage, as well as during image copying, scanning or displaying. Some algorithms in computer graphics generate specific noise, too. There are many different types of noise. Here, I shortly present two common-known types of noise in image processing : Gaussian noise and […]